Dear Harry,

The past three years Title I students have used the Weaver Instructional Systems Reading Intervention Program for grades 1-14 to improve reading vocabulary and comprehension. In addition to the Weaver Instructional Systems Reading Intervention Program, Title I students at Streator High School also used a number of other instructional learning systems and reading software packages. I have found the Weaver Instructional Systems materials easy to use and highly motivational for both the teacher and the student.

What I am trying to say, Harry, is I love your stuff and so do the kids. Your tech support is second to none. It is good to know when I call, that there is a friendly voice on the other end of the phone line who is supportive and willing to listen and help to solve problems. Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work! I kind of went off for a minute, Harry. Please forgive me.

If you have any questions concerning the enclosed information, please feel free to contact me at Streator High School.


Chuck Kryzan
Streator High School