Mr. Weaver,

Weaver is one of the best things that has happened to our Reading program here at ABAC! We are thrilled to finally have a comprehensive skill based program that meets the needs of ALL of our students, no matter what level they are reading on. For them to be able to access the program from anywhere is priceless! They can’t fudge on their scores! The management program makes my job so easy and it keeps the students honest. The passages are interesting and the games are fun. My students grumble about most of what I ask them to do with the exception of Weaver. They really enjoy it!

Okay, enough about the program. Weaver wouldn’t be Weaver without Scott and Harry. They are the greatest! They are always available and always know the answer to every question I ask. They are also patient and quite willing to repeat what I don’t understand. They are why Weaver is so effective, their support is invaluable!


Diane Jackson
Learning Support Reading Instructor at
Abraham Baldwin College