Hi Scott,

I teach at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. If you recall, we purchased the software a little over a year ago. First, I have some incredible anecdotal evidence that indicates the Weaver Reading Comprehension program is very effective. One student, an immigrant from Jerusalem, showed remarkable growth. His performance on the post test in our class was nothing short of a miracle, and it was because Musab spent many hours working on the Weaver Program in our lab. The other student was formerly a special ed student in high school and was repeating the reading class for the third time. However, instead of requiring her to do the same things again, I set her up on the Weaver program. She later said, “Weaver is the only thing this semester that kept me hopeful. I think it saved me.” Well, it did save her. She made a quantum leap in the post test results and she is on her way to completing other requirements for her certificate.

Susan Pongratz
Thomas Nelson Community College