TO: Mr. James Sandborn

I want to thank you for your insistence that we employ this remarkable software with our students — especially with those who are high-risk and deficient in their reading and writing proficiency skills. The program has proven itself in all of my classes by elevating the writing and reading skills of most of my students.

The program’s strongest asset, in my opinion, is its ability to move the students along at their own success rates. That way, those who apply their efforts see reward immediately, while those who procrastinate realize they need to work more intently if they are to succeed as well and in a timely fashion.

An additional advantage is the software’s accessibility whereas the students can work at a computer anywhere—in a study hall, at home, and in any library!

Most of my reading students who were not proficient at the start of this year successfully passed their reading tests at the turn of the calendar year. I credit most of that success to the strength of the software to address specific weaknesses each student had and the focus placed on remedies for each deficiency.

Thank you for insuring that we have had access to this software during the three years I have taught here. Many graduates owe their success in gaining diplomas to the Wise Software System!


English Instructor
Virgin Valley High School
Mesquite, NV