Continuous Assessment Data means no more End of Year Test Result Surprises

Independent, unsolicited results of 2.8 grade level increases per 34 hours of online instruction, using standardized tests.

District & School Reports

  • Pre-Test/Post-Test Comparison Graph
  • School Adequate Yearly Progress Graph

Class Reports

  • Class List
  • Grade Book
  • Class Summary Progress Report
  • Class Adequate Yearly Progress Graph

Student Reports

  • Student Scores
  • Scores/Time Spent Graph
  • Pre-Test/Post-Test Comparison Graph
  • Student Adequate Yearly Progress Graph

  • Free unlimited tech support & curriculum upgrades.
  • Reduced equipment costs by effective use of legacy hardware.
  • No need to purchase consumables for student use.
  • Resources may be used for compliance with Title 1 Outreach Programs.
  • Fixed annual investment for budgeting & forecasting purposes.