Reading Intervention

Basic Reading Formula

Teaches the student how to determine the topic or subject, main idea, supporting details, multiple main ideas, action, and our new Critical Reading and Thinking skills module.

Included Lessons & Concepts

Each of the 14 graded levels contain 45 Comprehension, 150 Vocabulary, and 150 Supplemental Vocabulary Lessons, along with: Pretests, Instructional Lessons, Practice Lessons, Extra Practice Lessons, Mastery Quizzes and Post Tests.

Font Size

Students can adjust the size of the letters in the lesson text and questions from 10 to 18 points per inch using the text size up-dn arrow control.

Print Reports

The instructor may print out the student records by simply pointing and clicking on the date or dates on the calendar. School, Class and Student reports include Adequate Yearly Progress, Pre & Post Test Results and Class Summary Progress Reports for Student Scores and Time on Task.

Reading Fluency

The Reading Fluency Programs are located in the Mixed and Extra Mixed Practice Comprehension Lessons. The stories are timed by words per minute, word-by-word, and left to right.

This process helps students

A. Increase their reading rate
B. Increase their span of recognition
C. Reduce fixations


Vocabulary introduction and development with human voice production in a contextual setting.

Automatic Placement Test

An Automatic Placement Test is provided. When the student fails to achieve his / her assigned mastery level, the program automatically sets the student to start at the appropriate reading level.

In addition, the Intelligent Design Software automatically moves up or down levels of instruction based on Student test scores and level of mastery.

From One of Our Customers:

I have used the Weaver program for the last ten years at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas.

The program is utilized as a tool for vocabulary enrichment and comprehension skills.

The class syllabi includes: 20 lessons per week plus 10 extra lesson for bonus grade. Another program incentive allows the students to repeat any lesson until they make a score of 75 on that skill. Thus, the power of re-teaching and reinforcing a needed reading skill is another plus of this program.

Accountability results reveal the majority of the students who complete the program increase their reading level by at least 3 years in just one semester using this program.

Marla Barbee
Associate Professor of Reading
South Plains College
Levelland, Texas