Study Skills

A computerized instructional system designed to teach you how to identify and apply the learning style most appropriate for you!
Once you know your best learning mode, you will be able to study far more effectively. The “Study Skills” system helps you to identify and apply the learning style most appropriate to you.
Here’s an overview of what’s contained in this software system:

Learning Style

  • 3 Methods of Learning
  • Learning Style Assessment-Determine Strengths
  • Characteristics Common to Each Modality
  • Assessment of Conditions Most Favorable For Best Study Potential
  • Best Ways to Study for a Particular Learning Style

Writing Rules

  • Basic Steps To Take For Paper Writing
  • Rules To Follow When Writing Papers
  • Taking Research Notes For Paper Writing

Library Skills

  • Card Catalog
  • Microfiche System
  • On-Line Computer Catalog

Maintaining Focus, Enthusiasm,
and Motivation

  • How To Focus
  • Maintaining Enthusiasm
  • Motivational Factors
  • Relationship of 3 To Improve Performance

Writing An Essay

  • Writing Sentences
  • Producing a Thesis
  • Writing Good Body Paragraphs
  • Develop and Organize Paragraphs

Note Taking Skills

  • Note Taking Evaluation
  • Techniques For Lectures and Textbooks
  • Listening Skills
  • Short Hand Skills
  • Assess Note Taking Problems
  • Devise Solutions

Test Taking Skills

  • Three Types of Tests
  • Identify Reasons for Poor Test Performance
  • Test Preparation Techniques
  • Test Taking Strategies When Answer Unknown
  • Assess Note Taking Problems
  • Devise Solutions

Effective Study Techniques

  • Same Material–Different Study Techniques
  • SQ3R Reading Technique
  • Underlining, Highlighting, Outlining
  • Note Taking During Lectures
  • What Slows You Down, Helpful Solutions

Time Management / Organizing

  • Set Up Workable Schedule
  • Assess Individual Study Habits
  • Familiarize With Study Tips
  • Target Study Problems
  • Devise Solutions