Building Blocks

Our new Building Blocks for Reading Proficiency module, for Students in Grades 1 – 6, is designed to help Students improve their ability to read for meaning and expand their Vocabulary.

Comprehension Skills

  • Vocabulary words pronounced in context, with optional Spanish Language translation
  • Literal Comprehension Questions
  • Main Idea Questions
  • Details Questions
  • Cause/Effect/Sequence Questions
  • Inferential Comprehension Questions


The management system lists data for each Student covering their Lessons and pre- & post-tests. The system will automatically branch the Student into additional instructional and practice Lessons for specific Comprehension Skills based on their scores.

System Features

  • Automatic Placement Test
  • Over 200 Vocabulary and Comprehension Lessons, which contain pre- and post-tests for measuring Student progress
  • A graded mastery testing system
  • Thorough instructional Lessons which teach how to understand and remember what is read
  • Greater versatility in meeting individual Student modes of learning
  • Use of the computer as a tutor providing instant feedback on grades and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers
  • Greater exposure to the key Vocabulary words. The greater the exposure to the same words the greater the chance for mastery
  • Graded Lessons
  • Management system that lists all Student statistics
  • Provides a wealth of extra practice Lessons as well as a variety of approaches to ensure mastery of Vocabulary words and Comprehension Skills

Performance Objectives

  • Identify the stated main idea within a selection
  • Infer the main idea of a selection
  • Identify multiple main ideas within a selection
  • Derive word meaning from context clues
  • Identify stated supportive details
  • Identify the sequence within a selection
  • Identify stated or suggested cause and effect relationships
  • Identify likenesses and differences
  • Predict the probable outcome of a selection
  • Infer details that support the main idea of a selection
  • Infer the sequence within a selection
  • Draw conclusions from given information
  • Identify relationships of words
  • Determine authorĀ¹s purpose
  • Distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Determine author’s viewpoint
  • Summarize a selection
  • Interpret facts to make logical judgments
  • Judge relevancy of written statements

Graphics & Streaming Video

Full color online Graphics and Streaming Video for Comprehension Stories and Vocabulary Lessons. Each Vocabulary word is pronounced in context.

Spanish Language

For ESL Students, Building Blocks for Reading Proficiency module has online pronunciation and translation for all Vocabulary words in English and Spanish.