Individualized Home School Instruction

Weaver educational software is designed to be your Home School assistant, providing you with a broad based curriculum, matched to individual students, in Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar Skills and Mathematics.

Your Home School student is assessed with an Automatic Placement Test and matched to the online curriculum according to their assessment results. Intelligent Software Design tracks student performance and automatically changes their grade level of instruction according to their mastery of the materials.

Our proven online Home School educational software modules are written by experienced classroom instructors for grade levels 1 through 14 for:

Reading Comprehension

Teaches the student how to determine the Topic or Subject, Main Idea, Supporting Details, Multiple Main Ideas, Action and Critical Reading and Thinking Skills.


There are 7,000 core Vocabulary words. Each word is pronounced audibly and is used in context up to 10 times. Full Vocabulary instruction for Grades 1 through 14.

Grammar Skills

Teaches Prepositional Phrases, Subjects and Verbs, Direct and Indirect Objects, Subject Complements, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Phrases and Clauses.


From Basic Addition to Linear Inequalities and Quadratic Equations.

Weaver educational software is written to provide the Home School Instructor with full control of the means by which Online Educational Access is delivered in the Home School classroom setting, because of our belief that each student’s mentor is indisputably in the best position to evaluate their progress and consistency.