Dear Mr. Weaver,

Nashville High School is using the Weaver On-line program with 10th grade students whose literacy scores indicated that they could use some extra work in reading. We are also using it as a remediation course for seniors whose literacy scores were not acceptable. The program is so easy for the students to use and interpreting results is simple. It also enables me to easily keep track of students’ progress. Some of the remarks that students have about the program are:
“I like to see myself advance”
“I like that it lets you repeat a passage for a better score”
“I think that it is increasing my vocabulary”
“The games are fun”
“I thought I was too advanced for Lit Lab, but the Weaver program goes up to college level, so I am challenged”

As the teacher, there are several things that I like about the program: Pre-tests begin students at their level of reading, Post-tests show mastery, it allows students to branch to the next level if they are doing very well or back a level if they don’t do well, students can go back and forth between comprehension and vocabulary thus preventing burnout, I can monitor their time on task as well as number of lessons completed and their GPA at any time.

Thanks so much for your effort in producing such a great program to use with our students.

Fran Strawn
Nashville High School
Nashville, Arkansas