Mr. Weaver,

We’ve been using the Wise software for approximately six years and are very pleased with the program. We use it with our two lower levels of reading which has about 250 students each semester. Currently we use the network version, but have plans to buy the internet format later this semester. We piloted some classes using the internet program and love it! It will be very helpful for our working students that have trouble getting to campus to use the reading lab.

The program is very user friendly. Students have little difficulty learning how to use the software. The Placement Test used at the beginning does a good job placing students at appropriate levels, but it’s very easy to make adjustments if needed. The students especially like the vocabulary program because it pronounces the words and has fun games to reinforce new words. I’ve found the vocabulary lessons are great for ESL students as well. The comprehension component is excellent. I like the step-by-step process used to teach main idea; it really complements what we do during class. The stories are interesting and well received by students. We require students to do two hours a week using the Wise program; our students have consistently made substantial gains in reading ability. I feel that the Wise program is an important part of our program and would recommend it for developmental reading students.

Jan Hinds
Assistant Professor
Access Division
Amarillo College