Dear Weaver Instructional Systems,

I have used your software program with about 30 students over a one year period. I could give you the statistical breakdown of how much progress the students have made, but I would rather just say “Thank you” for developing an instructional system that is so easy to use.

There seems to be an overabundance of resources on the market that assess the strengths and weaknesses of students, but a very limited amount of systems that actually help bridge the gap between actual skills and needed skills. The teachers that use Weaver Instructional Systems software like the way the program assesses the students, provides appropriate practice and data, and continually moves the student to a higher level. The students like the passages that they read, the user friendly format, and the way they can always view their personal progress. I schedule time into my regular curriculum to use the program, but also use it as a backup plan if there is ever a substitute teacher or if I have to change my lesson plans because of too many students being out sick. I can just have students log into a computer, use the software program, and print me the last page of their progress record. Also, since many of our students have home computers, they can just log in from home to get additional practice. The program has enough instruction and support embedded in it that students can work quite independently.

Again, Thank you!

Janice Green
9-12 grade English/Social Studies teacher
Mosquero Municipal School
Mosquero, New Mexico