Mr. Weaver,

Here are a few comments about the program. I have just been swamped with the beginning of the semester and getting our students in classes and organized. So here goes.

The Weaver Computer Reading System has been a huge boost to our reading program at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas. Even though we have used Weaver only one semester, the majority of our students who completed the program passed THEA. That is the most compelling evidence that this reading computer program works for our students. We have the on line program, so our students are able to work on the program to fit their schedules and not just during our assigned times in the reading lab. Therefore, the students accomplish more work and meet with greater success! This is a plus with the Weaver program. The beauty of the program is the mixture of the vocabulary practices with the comprehension exercises. The students need to work on their vocabulary and, in doing these exercises; they were able to accelerate in their reading levels. The comprehension stories are high interest asking essential key questions that follow along with our textbook/lectures. We are very pleased with the Weaver Computer Reading System and feel this program has been a great investment to our students’ performance on the state reading test (THEA).

Sally Cain
Reading Instructor
Angelina College