Dear Mr. Weaver,

We have been using the Weaver Reading program on our campus for over 14 years. We began with the old DOS program, switched to the network version some years ago, and have just recently switched to the internet version. We use it for the reading lab which supports both our lower and upper level reading courses.

The students find the program very user friendly, and like being able to access the program at their convenience outside of the two one-hour required scheduled lab sessions. This affords them the opportunity to make up any missed lab hours and/or to work ahead at their own pace. Our students typically average better than 2 years gain in one semester. We also have appreciated the support from your staff through the years.

Our developmental program faculty as well as the academic dean believes that the Weaver program has been a very important part of our reading program and we recommend it for developmental reading students.

Dee Bost, Ed.D.
Director, ADVANCE Program
Coordinator, Academic Resources Center
Harding University