Hi Harry,

Just wanted you to know that everyone, especially the ESL guys and aide, are really jumping for joy for your program. We have ESL kids coming in after school, those who can’t fit into my schedule and who aren’t working, and during their study periods. The good news and benefits from the program are beginning to spread to those who aren’t in the program to their buddies – just the kind of thing we need to happen!

We also have seen a complete change in attitude, effort and work ethic for the native born students – those who originally didn’t want to be in the program but now seem to see the benefits because they can see the progress they are constantly making just by clicking on the reports screen at the end of the day.

After almost 40 years as a junior-senior high school reading specialist who worked with the original EDL materials, I am extremely glad to see the benefits of the program return again and motivate and educate the newest generation or readers!

Congratulations to you and yours on an excellent job and for helping to meet the educational needs of all students, from beginning ESL through upper high school levels!

Ken Kelly