Dear Harry,

…These Past two years Title I students at Streator High School have used Weaver instructional software for vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar. Freshman and sophomore Title I students used these programs on average two hours a week for 34 weeks. In addition to the Weaver instructional software, a number of other reading software packages were also utilized for reading instruction.

Harry, I have found your instructional materials to be highly motivational and quite effective. Your personal service and technical support are second to none. I also appreciate the time you always seem to have to talk to customers.

This year, I plan to use Weaver Instructional Software with students in the Streator High School Safe Schools alternative education program. This program currently serves students in grades 7-12.

Harry, you and Scott are both very considerate individuals who care very much about customer satisfaction. I hope to continue working with you and Scott in the future. If you have any questions concerning the enclosed information, please feel free to contact me at Streator High School.

Chuck Krzan