Dear WiseSoft,

I’ve had the pleasure of using Weaver for several years. First at Riverside Community College. That is where I fell in love with it. And now at my high school. It is a wonderful program and very user friendly. It keeps track of students’ progress and allows you the teacher to monitor how they are doing, and allows you to assign them additional work in a given area if you think they need it. It is a full scope program—grammar exercises, study skills and reading. The exercises are interesting and not “babyish” even at the very low levels (1-3). My community college students liked it and my high school students are always asking me if they “can go on the computer today.” My only problem has been that I assign students certain assignments (i.e. comprehension main idea lessons 6-10 and the quiz, if I don’t monitor, they go all the way through “mixed” lessons—several lessons down the line. They REALLY like it.

I am definitely a fan of Weaver. The Weaver personnel are also wonderful, and if you have ANY questions they are there to help. They don’t believe in once it’s sold it’s yours philosophy. And in this day and age that in itself is invaluable. I have been around a lot of software programs that tout all sorts of “bells and whistles” and “guarantee” reading improvement, but the majority of those on the market are not only exorbitant, but also unappealing to high schoolers + because the exercises are limited, boring, and childish. With Weaver, you have the full scale reading improvement skills, and the same with the study skills, grammar skills and speed reading programs. Weaver really leaves the other programs such as Plato in the dust and it is much cheaper

Marylin Williams