Dear Harry,

I used the online trial with reluctant and low functioning ninth grade readers and also with college bound sophomores, juniors and seniors. The lower level readers found it to be more interesting and fun than other software I have been using to improve their reading skills. They showed amazing progress over the days they used it and actually asked to use it more. The college bound students said it was the best vocabulary lesson they ever had and they actually remember the words and enjoyed the games! My students are a tough sell so this is a real testimony to the appeal to students – it IS SOFTWARE STUDENTS LOVE TO USE!

As the teacher, I was very pleased with their progress and their enthusiasm for learning! Your program has great depth and range and is very educationally sound! It is the best online instruction I have seen and I have been teaching almost 20 years. As a reading specialist, the current president of the Mercer County Reading Council, a member of the Keystone State Reading Association, and a proud member of the International Reading Association, I am very happy to see a program that will encourage students to improve comprehension and vocabulary because it is enjoyable and effective. I hope to see it in use in our district next year for all levels including special education and ESL.

Jean Hejazi
Reading Specialist
Greenville High School