I just wanted to drop you a note about how happy I am with the service and educational assistance you and your company has provided to the Wexford Missaukee Career Tech Center over the past few years on reading instruction.

When I was the classroom teacher, primarily working with remediation, I found that many students had a reading disability and language barrier. Your reading program helped the students learn to read at a self pace and allowed them to work on areas that prohibited them from going any further with comprehension.

You should feel proud that our administration believes in the outcomes that our students have attained by purchasing the Weaver Instructional Systems for the entire ISD. Now all students can learn. All the people who need help with learning new skills can learn. The people will still have to work on their disabilities, but rather than sitting in a classroom, they can pace themselves and go as high as they desire. I believe that the local community college students will have an opportunity to increase their skills as they go on to more challenging reading levels.

The best part of your program is that it is individualized, self paced and one can see immediate results. I have had special education students pass the GED with the assistance of your reading program. We have identified students with reading disabilities who have gone on to college and become successful. We’ve had students who failed history classes go back and pass those classes and government classes with ease.

I just wanted to let you know that you and your company have made a difference in our community.

Jim Sandborn
W.M.A. Career Technical Center