A huge thank you to you and your program.

As you know, we have a high school with around 700 students in grades 9-12.

100% of our seniors passed the State of Nevada Proficiency Reading test this year. Last year, we had around 92% pass, and some of our ELL and Special Education students had to receive a “certificate of attendance” because they couldn’t or didn’t pass this test.

We monitored the students closely and made sure they put in the time in the reading comprehension program and it got our ELL students through.

Our junior results came back for Reading, only one regular student didn’t pass, half of the ELL passed, and half of the special ed students passed. We usually have two full classes of students in a special senior reading improvement class, next year we only have 11 students!!!

On top of that, our ACT/SAT scores have soared with your upper level preparation……keep up the GREAT work.

Our ELL and Special ed students also like your math, because it is basic math…..they need it so bad. Our philosophy has been to have the students run through this program first and then work on the specific remediation for proficiency prep. We only had one senior that had to retake this math test, the last time she tested she missed passing by 1 question……..


Jim Sandborn
Counselor Grades 10 and 12
WAN #0944-4301
Virgin Valley High School
“There’s no such thing as CAN’T”